Special Edition of the game will include some goodies

Nintendo of America has just revealed the the American Special Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The special and limited edition will come with a gold Wii Remote Plus and a CD containing tracks from the Legend of Zelda Orchestra concerts. Its labelled as a Special CD, we presume itll be much like the Special CD released with our Xenoblade disk here in Australia and contain a smaller number of tracks. The CD will be coming to both the normal and limited editions of the game, but only for the initial produciton of the game.

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The box art for the game has also been released and it looks quite awesome, to put it in cool kids terms. If this limited edition is as limited as the original release of Metroid Prime Trilogy the numbers of this bad box bundle will be quite low.

Now will we get this bundle here in Australia? How about a release date first?