In advance of E3's official start later in the day, Nintendo will be presenting its traditional pre-E3 press conference on the morning of Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00am PDT (GMT-7—see when the liveblog starts in your own timezone).

Nintendo's presentation is likely to focus on the Wii U, the tablet-controlled console which was first shown at last year's E3, but barely discussed by Nintendo in the year since then. Expect a bevy of game announcements both from Nintendo itself and major third parties, as well as a lot of discussion of how the Wii U's controller will totally revolutionize gaming as we know it (at least from Nintendo's point of view). Nintendo is also likely to trumpet the 3DS' slowly recovering sales and expanding software library, potentially including new information on first-party portable titles like Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion that were mentioned at last year's show.

Ars Gaming Editor Kyle Orland (that's me!) is on hand to provide all the news as it happens.

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