100 hour bonus RPG not in PAL copies of Professor Layton

If you’re looking to buy a copy of upcoming DS puzzle game Professor Layton and the Last Specter, you might want to avoid our local copies. Nintendo today confirmed PAL copies of the game won’t include Professor Layton’s London Life, a retro styled RPG said to last 100 hours. The game has been in the Japan since 2009. The only way so far to play it (in English) will be to pick up the US version of the game.

London Life is said to be a prototype version of the upcoming 3DS RPG Fantasy Life, currently being made at Level 5 by some of gaming’s most celebrated designers. The game’s had a long development cycle, initially being developed for the original DS and later moved over to the 3DS as part of Level-5’s refocus on Nintendo’s new console. All this means that it’s been a long wait since its 2009 announcement and the lack of this precursor game in the PAL regions isn’t going to make it any easier.

The Last Specter is tipped to release here in November, however the souped up North American version will be available from October 17.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine