Importing data from DS to 3DS to cost money

Konami’s virtual love simulator New Love Plus for the 3DS will charge people money to import their girlfriends from the DS version of Love Plus, but really, it’s not their fault.

The data will be imported using a downloadable program from the 3DS’s eShop, but it is reported Nintendo will not allow third parties to offer apps for free on the eShop, forcing Konami to set a price. But to be fair, they did set the lowest price possible, which is 200 yen.

To make up for the cost of the tool Konami will include some sort of bonus, but there are no details on what it is yet.

Chances are if you’re obsessed enough with your virtual girlfriends to hold mock weddings, you probably don’t mind paying 200 yen to see your girlfriend in the third dimension.

Source: andriasang