Like most things for the Nintendo 3DS, there just wasnt enough time

The community feature of Mario Kart 7 is looking like its going to be one of the games top features. Like a clan, the community feature will allow groups of players to share times and race together easily. That easiness was meant to be incorporated into the actual Nintendo 3DS system but like most things weve discovered about the 3DS since launch, there just wasnt enough time.

The Director of Mario Kart 7, Kosuke Yabuki said in the latest Iwata Asks that "At first, we wanted to include a feature where friends could gather like this directly on Nintendo 3DS, but schedule-wise it was tight and wouldnt fit. So I said, "Ill do it with Mario Kart 7." Having said that, I knew I had to think of something and drew a rough plan on a big sheet of paper." We wish we could see this paper too.

If the communities feature turns out to be a hit on Mario Kart 7, perhaps there might be time to patch it into the system so future games can benefit from it.

Source: Iwata! (laughs)