Keiji Inafunes back with his first post Capcom game and its on the 3DS

King of Pirates is Keiji Inafunes brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS. Keiji Inafune is of course the guy who created Mega Man. King of Pirates is a little different to the Mega Man series, this time its an action RPG which will pit three races together in a battle of the high seas.

While at first the game might look all cute and cuddly, Inafune is promising that the game will "a high level of drama and will touch upon themes of friendship and betrayal between people". Very deep with a game that has a penguin as the main character, very cool.

The game isnt out until at least next year in Japan and most likely 2012 as well for the rest of the world, but no release date has been announced as of yet for that. The first trailer is out and is all CG, no screenshots of the game have surfaced as of yet.