Come along to receive 2 free posters, food and the chance to meet Mario Himself

Ever since they sponsored the second floor renovation of the Swanston St EB Games, Nintendo’s been doing all their cool stuff in Melbourne. Now they’re hosting a combined midnight launch for Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land on the 23rd/24th, exclusively at the aforementioned EB. It sounds like quite the party, with the big N providing food, music and the softest of drinks.

Additionally, there’ll be prizes for the best dressed Zelda and Mario costumes, so ready your costumes! Even if you don’t dress up Nintendo is going to give you a couple of nice posters for your trouble, as well as take photos of you in the MUSHROOM KINGDOM. The awesomeness of which can be plotted with a cosine graph against your age as the bottom axis.

The party kicks off at 10pm and lasts until the wee hours of 1am. I’ve got it on good authority that Mario has RSVP’D and will be there for the duration. Which begs the amazing question; What the hell is Mario like at 1am?!

Hit up Nintendo for more information.