Early figures suggest Monster Hunter Tri G sold well in Japan, who would have thought?

Japanese sales trackers Enterbrain have revealed the first weeks sales for Monster Hunters first outing on the Nintendo 3DS. The game sold a massive 471,055 copies in its first week on sale, that first week though is actually just two days.

Not surprising either is the fact that the release of the game has spurred sales of the Nintendo 3DS to a massive 378,111 units over the same period. This figure means that there were more Nintendo 3DS systems sold last week than the launch week, which recorded figures of 371,326 units. That figure though was actually for the full week. Overall, this means there are now over 3 million Nintendo 3DS units sold in Japan, a figure Nintendo wanted to be at much earlier we imagine.

Monster Hunter games always sell well in the first week, its fan base is very passionate and it probably will drop off quite steeply over the next few weeks. The last Monster Hunter title to come out was on the PSP and that sold over 2 million copies in the first week. Now those are crazy numbers.

Source: Andriasang