Completed the puzzles, finished the quest? Iwata talks about whats next for StreetPass

Nintendos built in StreetPass games have been a surprise hit, we didnt even know they were coming built into the console until close to launch and theyve been a force in carrying the system in the early days. Just imagine how boring the 3DS would have been with no StreetPass?

But now youve probably got all the puzzle pieces, completed the quest a couple of times over and that desire to take your 3DS everywhere might have worn off. Nintendo knows this and has noticed that their own employees have also finished it. Shigeru Miyamoto has even been nagging employees for new ideas.

Speaking at a recent investor meeting Satoru Iwata has replied to an investors subject on the matter saying that while they have nothing to announce yet, theyre thinking about it. "I cannot say when or what we can deliver, but we would like to change the minds of the people who are temporarily thinking, "I cannot see the point in carrying my Nintendo 3DS with me," to make them think, "Oh, I want to carry it around with me again." I believe we can proceed in a way that answers your request."

So folks, what do we tell Nintendo we want for our next StreetPass Quest?

Source: Nintendo