More games to fill the juicy Nintendo 3DS release list

Namco Bandai Australia have added two more dates to the 3DS’s much needed release list, one of them is early next month and they’re also filling up next year already. Ace Comcat Assault Horizon Legacy brings the dog-fighting in super expensive and very cool jets to the Nintendo 3DS, it will be out in just under a month on December 1st.

The 3DS will also gain another Pacman title early next year on February 9th when Pac-Man Party 3D is released. Like the title suggests, it’s a party game in similiar vein to Mario Party and will make full use of the 3DS’s microphone, touchscreen, and accelerometer. There’s even download play so you don’t have to pick up multiple copies of the game. Can more developers do this please?

It’s good to see the 3DS’s release list filling up with more games, even for next year already.