Nintendo announces another 3DS in a new hue, new bundles too

Nintendo Japan has revealed a new Nintendo 3DS colour today, ’Cobalt Blue’ will be the sixth Nintendo 3DS colour to market and will go on sale in Japan on March 22nd.

Nintendo will also bundling both Super Mario 3D Land with Pink and White 3DS colours from March 24th and Monster Hunter Tri G with Black and Red colours earlier on March 17th. As if they haven’t sold enough of those.

Cobalt Blue - March 22nd

Along with the announcement of the new colour Nintendo also revealed a limited edition Fire Emblem Awakening Bundle. The bundle will contain the new coloured console (with a special design on the top) a copy of the game and a eShop prepaid card which also is Fire Emblem Themed. However like the game the bundle is not out until April 19th.