The Japanese sure do make their soccer games different than we do

Level 5 have released some new art assets for the upcoming 3DS iterations of Inazuma Eleven and specifically the difference between is Shine and Dark versions. I didnt realise that a soccer game could separate content between two versions like Pokemon does, yet here we are.

If you purchase the Shine version, then youll get to marry the brunette on the left, while the Dark version of game comes with purple hair on the right. She has much rounder eyes, which means shes a nicer but less interesting character according to the principles of anime design. Whichever version you end up buying, just try not to think how that reflects back on you. Does it regress feminism for me to pick the lady wearing an apron??

Ahem. Aside from my consternation regarding gender politics, the two versions have differing monsters you can summon to aid you on the pitch,as well as side characters, who were promised have significantly differing influences on the plot. If youre into that kind of thing, theres a crazy melodramatic anime trailer below.

Source: Andriasang