New features to make use of the Nintendo 3DS highlighted

Konami has revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater for the Nintendo 3DS. The new trailer which shows off a bunch of footage from the games introduction, also reveals two new features coming to the Nintendo 3DS version that wont be available anywhere else.

The first new feature is Photo-camo which will allow you take a photo of something and use that as the camouflage for Snakes outfight. Not sure how well taking a photo of say flowers will help Snake blend into the jungle.

Second new feature is something Kojima hinted at previously and that is controls via the gyro sensor. Dont worry theres no crazy QTEs here but instead youll use it to balance and shimmy across narrow bridges and trees for example.

Be sure to watch right to the end of the trailer for a big green surprise as well.