The next Need for Speed has been announced, heading to Wii and 3DS too

The Need for Speed series hasnt had a good run on Nintendo systems as of late. The original Need for Speed on the Wii, Carbon ran quite well but all the others have fallen over before the finish line. But things could be looking to change with the announcement of Need for Speed: The Run.

The game is of course coming to all platforms including the Wii and now the 3DS, but its being developed by the great people at Firebrand. Theyve been responsible for most of the good racing games on the DS as of late including the latest Trackmania game on it, they also worked on the Wii version. Could this change of developer improve the series run on the Nintendo consoles. The track record so far for them has been pretty good.

This Need for Speed game promises to have an grand old story as you race across the United States from San Fransisco to New York. Thats quite a hike. Of course, the press release just runs on and on about the game and talks about features that probably wont get a shot into the Wii and 3DS versions but we can only hope.

Youll be able to run out to stores this November for Need for Speed: The Run.