Gamefreaks Junichi Masuda suggests we all pay attention this week to his Tweets

We’re all waiting for that that ’third’ Pokemon title after Pokemon Black and White’s release last year, although Japan have been waiting since 2010. However, it looks like the wait might finally be over. Gamefreak’s Junichi Masuda has answered questions about when the third game might be coming at a recent Q&A event. When asked about details of the game, he suggested to fans that they should watch an upcoming episode of the weekly Japanese Pokemon show, Pokemon Smash. He later said on his Twitter account that it was ’next week’s’ episode in a tweet last Sunday. Lets hope hes correct!

His response (in Japanese) in the below video and starts at the 4:30 mark, hear that audience reaction at 5 minutes in. While there is no concrete information on what system the game will come to, many believe it will come to the Nintendo 3DS, or perhaps the DS again but be enhanced like Pokemon Black and White were. All eyes toward Japan this Sunday then.

In other Pokemon news, last week CoroCro magazine revealed a brand new legendary Pokemon last week, the Keldeo. It was already known as it was hidden in game code, but the new Pokemon will be a star in the new movie which will be titled "Kyurem Vs. The Sacred Swordsman - Keldeo". It’s still unknown how you will be able to obtain him.

Via: NeoGAF