And in between interesting evolutions of the series, touch screen minigames!

A brand new trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations has surfaced (get it?) showcasing the game’s new “Raid Mode,” which seems like a really weird, fantastic and god damn weirdly logical evolution of the series’ mechanics. In Raid Mode you’re playing as Jill or Chris through “crafted” scenarios, either by yourself or with a partner via local or online. Pretty standard stuff.

But what’s so crazy is the way the mode is embracing the increasing RPG-ification of the series. Enemies have floating health bars and your when your bullets hit, little numbers pop up showing how much they hurt, Borderlands style. You then go about leveling up the two characters based on how well you do, ala RE: The Mercenaries 3D. The mode also seemed to have a loot system in place, so it could actually make for some pretty compulsive co-op action on the go, if you’ve got a decent net connection.

The trailer also focused on stuff we knew a lot more about, such as the Gyro compatibility for the first person view and the game’s new Metroid Prime-esque scanning system. The other two great things that the trailer really hammered home for me are firstly, how “diverse” the voice acting is and secondly, how damn dark the game is going to be. For the majority of the trailer, the game had a real sense of the darkness getting to poor Jill, with the edges of the screen literally being blacked out.

It kinda made me worry about reflections when you’re playing outside, but then it occured to me that you’re probably wasting a horror 3DS game by not playing it under the covers at night anyways. Nostalgia combines with the creepy! I like.

Source: Nintendo Life