No online multiplayer makes us all sad pandas

New details of the upcoming N64 remake of Starfox 64 have been revealed at the Nintendo Retailer briefing that was held in Japan yesterday. The information comes via an attendee of the briefing, so not all the details are confirmed. 

The game will be split up into three modes, the Nintendo 3DS mode, N64 mode and battle mode. The 3DS mode will see you playing the game entirely with the gyro controls for ship control. The N64 mode will give you the traditional controls you all know and love.

Battle Mode was revealed to be local multiplayer only, which means there is no online component. Which is disappointing after Starfox Command on the Nintendo DS had it. To make up for it somewhat, Nintendo has included download play for up to four players. 

Starfox 64 3D is due out in Japan on July 14th, release dates for elsewhere in the world are still forthcoming.

Source: Andriasang