Trailers bring a bunch of new information with them

Nintendo has released a bunch of new trailers today, the two biggest being for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, which have also been dated. Not in Australia of course. Along with the trailers some new tidbits of information about both games have trickled out. Mario Kart 7 will have a first person driving mode, a first for the series and the first person will be controlled with the Gyroscope.

Lakitu is also the newest driver to join the series and its rumoured Metal Mario will be in there too. However, its not clear if the appearance of the character is just a power up to a normal Mario or a whole new character. StreetPass functionality with ghost swapping has been re-iterated.

We also get a fresh look at Super Mario 3D Land with tonnes of new puzzles being revealed, including ones that will use the gyro for added perspective. Its also one of the first games weve seen to use the 3D in actual puzzles rather then just looking pretty.

Mario Kart 7 is out in Japan on December 1st, North America on December 4th and December 2nd in Europe.

Super Mario 3D Land is out in Japan on November 3rd, North America on the 13th of November and Europe on the 18th.

Australian release date for either titles? Get out of here, thats just absurd.