Nintendo buries all traces of the GameCube now with new model to replace old

The newly announced Wii revision will replace the current model on the market Nintendo of Europe has confirmed to Eurogamer. The new system is essentially the same as the current model apart from the big removal of all the GameCube ports on the top of the system and the with that theyve also removed the backwards compatibility over all. That also means if you have any Wii games that support GameCube controllers, well you wont be able to use them either, obviously.

This is the first change to the Wii system since its launch in 2006 and while this new Wii revision doesnt change the look of the system much (if at all) its changes are most likely just limited to the guts of the system, meaning its cheaper for Nintendo to produce.

Does the removal of GameCube support annoy you? Do you think many people will notice or even care? Let us know in the comments.