Japanese paper chimes in and its usually right

You know a rumour is getting close to being the truth when the Japanese paper, the Nikkei chimes in. Today it has reported that the console will indeed have a touch screen controller with a 6-inch (15.4cm) screen. The Nikkei is usually the paper that breaks the big Nintendo related rumours so we hold this information above others.

But that’s not all. Nikkei reports that the system will be out mid next year and it’s Nntendo’s aim to have the consoles controller act as a portable device as well. The final nugget of information from their report is that the controller will have a camera built in and they suggest that this may be used to create an in-game avatar. Perhaps they are talking about the Mii’s here as the Nintendo 3DS can also make a Mii from its camera.

With E3 now only days away, it won’t be long before we find out the truth.

Source: Gamespot