Things are looking better and better for the Nintendo 3DS

It was looking bad there for a while, but Nintendo 3DS sales appear to be back on track. Famitsu is reporting that as of last week the Nintendo 3DS has now passed 4 million units sold in Japan, a mark Nintendo wanted to reach many, many months ago. With 4,135,739 consoles now out in the public hands, that means since last week, the 3DS sold over 500,000 units for Christmas in its homeland. Amazing figures.

Software is doing well, with two of the major reasons the 3DS is back on track – Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land – now having passed one million copies sold each. Super Mario 3D Land has now outsold both of the Super Mario Galaxy games combined, which is just crazy.

While Mario Kart, 3D Land and Monster Hunter may be out, and theres still plenty more to come for Japanese 3DS owners in the next few weeks, including New Love Plus, among others. Nintendo is planning tomorrow to show off its lineup for the Wii and 3DS in its latest instalment of Nintendo Direct, perhaps more million dollar sellers will be revealed then.

Source: Famitsu via NeoGAF