Starting in Sydney tomorrow, yeah we didnt think it was real either

Every so often we get of these press releases and it takes a minute or so to get what its trying to tell us. But here it is anyway. From tomorrow in central Sydney, there will be a Nintendo 3DS camera event which will showcase 3D photography from four celebrities. These celebrities are X-Factor host Luke Jacobz, TV presenter Sophie Falkiner, Jumping Crocodile Cruises owner Tony Blums and photographer James Morgan.

This event will allow you to explore the previously unseen lives of the four diverse and interesting people. Luke will show off behind the scenes of the TV shows hes worked on, Tony shows off Crocodiles, Sophie shows off her life as a mother and presenter and James has photos including things like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and animals at the zoo. Luke Jacobz; Sophie Falkiner and James Morgan will even be in attendance tomorrow, the exhibition will last a week though.

The exhibition opens at 10:00am tomorrow (20th September) at The Argyle, 18 Argyle Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

The real question is though, how good are the pictures going to be at 0.3 megapixels?