Dont expect anything to come from it, settle down

Nintendo will be holding a developer conference next week (17th) for developers in North America. The conference will be covering the Nintendo 3DS and be aimed at producers, designers and key decisions makers regarding games.

The details of the conference have leaked onto NeoGAF, however there really isnt anything there thats useful for you, the humble game player. The conference though appears to be a treasure trove of information for developers about the online and local multiplayer functions of the Nintnendo 3DS.

Topics covered at the event will be the Nintendo 3DSs eShop, Nintendo Zone, Apps, Online Matchmaking, Internet connectivity, Friend Presence and Digital Distribution. StreetPass, AR Functions, Anti-piracy and more will also be covered.

Theres also another Nintendo retailer meeting tomorrow (the 12th) so we might see some details about the Nintendo 3DS eShop or release dates for games from that. This developer conference though, dont expect much, if anything.

Source: NeoGAF