Fastest console to 5 million, even beating the Wii, DS and Gameboy Advance

Nintendo Japan has announced that the Nintendo 3DS has now sold through 5 million Nintendo 3DS consoles in Japan. The achievement comes just a week short of its first anniversary of going on sale in Japan. This now makes the 3DS the fastest selling console to reach that mark, beating the Gameboy Advance which took 58 weeks and the Nintendo DS which took 56 weeks.

The Nintendo 3DS got off to a really slow start as the chart Nintendo provided with the press release shows. It wasn’t until the 25th week where Nintendo dropped the price that the sales took off, they then took off again upon the release of Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter Tri G around week 43.

Nintendo says they plan on growing the sales of the system further with new games, we hope that too Nintendo.