Photoshop fake? We dont think so

A Redditor has posted a picture of what appears to be the new prepaid card for making purchases on the Nintendo eShop. Its shiny and everything! Why is this significant? Because the Nintendo eShop isnt available yet, silly. The Redditor photographed the card on a mobile phone camera but its not known whether they were a customer or a store clerk.

Posted Image

Nintendo revealed earlier this year that the current Nintendo Points Cards, used to purchase content from the Wii and DSs respective online stores, will not be compatible with the 3DS. Instead, the eShop will use a cash-based system which will see content assigned dollar values instead of Points, making for a less confusing system. The Nintendo eShop will go live in Japan on June 7. Australian 3DS owners can expect to get the update in the same week.

Source: Nintendo World Report