What has Nintendo got planned to show in the latest episode?

Nintendo has announced another broadcast of the Nintendo Direct webcast. The Ustream page which hosts the event was updated to show that a new episode is planned for Noon (Japanese Time) on the 27th of December, thats next Tuesday. Thats 11am for Western Australia and 2pm for most of the East Coast. For everyone else, check this out for times. You can watch the stream at this link.

The last Nintendo Direct was held on October 21st and revealed the Nintendo 3DS firmware update, new games and a new trailer for Monster Hunter Tri. It hosted by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata himself, it does not say who is hosting this new instalment. What it does promise is that it will have the latest information on the Wii and 3DS.

Nintendo America also held a web event fronted by Reggie, it had mostly the same information but also had this. It was glorious.

Whats Nintendo got to say this time?