Nintendo Australias back on the road and theres a ton to play and check out

Nintendo Australia has announced today its next big Connection Tour. Kicking off in Victoria on the 24th of September and travelling around (most) of the country before October 15th this year’s Connection Tour is Zelda themed to coincide with the series 25th and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be playable. Nintendo haven’t forgotten the 3DS though with Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus Uprising all to be in attendance. The entire area will be housed in a Zelda theme area; don’t forget to bring your 3DS for maximum StreetPassing chances.


A special competition will also be available at place the tour goes to, where one winner will receive all games shown on tour that are yet to be released (upon the launch of those games). To be eligible for the competition, and to receive a special Nintendo Connection Tour lanyard, you need to be one of the first 125 people to enter the tour set on each given activity day, so be sure to get there early!

The Nintendo website also mentions there is a bonus competition to win 10 rare and highly collectible The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D scrolls. You know, actual scrolls. Very cool.

Times of the tours are listed below. 


Westfield Southland
Saturday 24th Sep 9am–5pm & Sunday 25th Sep 10am–5pm
Opposite David Jones level 1 Centre Court

Westfield Doncaster
Monday 26th Sep 9am–5:30pm & Tuesday 27th Sep 9am–5:30pm
Opposite Myer level 1 Centre Court

New South Wales

Westfield Paramatta
Saturday 1st Oct 9am–5pm & Sunday 2nd Oct 10am–5pm
Entrance to Myer Level 1 Centre Court

Westfield Chatswood
Monday 3rd Oct 10am–5pm & Tuesday 4th Oct 9am–5:30pm
Entrance to Albert Ave Level 1 Centre Court


Westfield Chermside
Saturday 1st Oct 9am–5pm & Sunday 2nd Oct 10am–5pm
Down from food court Level 1 Center Court

Pacific Fair

Thursday 29th Sep 9am–5:30pm & Friday 30th Sep 9am–5:30pm
Opp Myer Level 1 Center Court

South Australia

Westfield Marion
Saturday 8th Oct 9am–5pm & Sunday 9th Oct 11am–5pm
Between David Jones and Myer Level 1 Centre Court

Western Australia

Friday 14th Oct 9am–5:30pm & Saturday 15th Oct 9am–5pm
Centre Court

For full information check out Nintendo Australia’s website.