Well now you know youre getting the bundle at least, so thats cool ... right?

Nintendo Australia has sent word that we Aussies will be getting the very cool Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle that not only contains the game itself (phew) but also a music CD with tracks from the game. This is all in addition to the golden Wii Remote Plus bearing the Hyrulian crest thats been driving forums crazy. However, Nintendo does wish to point out the golden Wii Remote is not made of actual gold.

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Looks like that, but with a HONKING BIG Australian Classification rating on it.

There will also be available for a limited time a bundle containing just the CD and game. Both bundles will be eventually replaced with just the game on the shelves, so if you want some hot bundle action youll need to get in quick.

So how much will this all cost and when can you get your hands on it? Nintendo Australia has still not given a release date or price for any of the bundles. Which is a shame, seeing as other Nintendo branches of the world have felt kind enough to let their fans have a release date.