Heres something new and novel, Nintendos mailing out a catalogue to homes

In this day of the internet and social media (oh and TV I suppose) its odd to see this kind of thing, but its happened anyway. Nintendo Australia has distributed to homes a 5 page catalogue of its latest wares for intentions of getting people to buy them. We see Nintendo items in catalogues all the time but its the first time weve see Nintendo take it upon themselves to advertise its goods all by itself.

Click image above to download.

So far weve heard that people in Victoria and Tasmania have so far gotten these catalogues. They contain no prices or retailer ties in them its simple a showing of what Nintendo has for sale. Theres new stuff like Ocarina of Time and Wii Play Motion but also older titles like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country Returns and even Zumba. Thanks to a reader weve got it for you to check out, in case you wanted to check it out for yourself.

Thanks to Ben for scanning in the catalogue.