Want the ultra rare Pokemon Zoroark? Well its yours if you want it

Nintendo Australia is offering until October 16th the chance to obtain the rare Pokemon Zoroark. This Pokemon cant be caught any other way so youll have to pop into selected EB Games, GAME, Gamesman and Toy R Us stores before the cut off date to get the Pokemon. Check out the full list here.

This Zoroark is special too, as it comes to your game at Level 50, knows the move Snarl and comes with a Cherish Ball. Youll of course need a copy of Pokemon Black or White and a Nintendo DS or 3DS console to download it on to.

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Nintendo does say that Zoroark is only available from the stores but also mentions it may be made available at a later stage over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. So you dont have to get out of your PJs and run down to the store if you dont want to.