Improved efficiency is the objective as the company amalgamates development sections

The latest report into Nintendo’s plans to set up a new research and development facility in Kyoto, has revealed that the company will be investing 16.5 billion yen (or just shy of AU$200 million) into the facility. Located close to Nintendo Japan’s main office, the new facility aims to facilitate (go figure) software and hardware development by bringing together staff that are currently split between the main office itself and the Kyoto Research Center a few blocks away.

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Nintendo’s new R&D facility: nothing to see in here, or is there?

The building will have seven floors plus a basement floor, and will house 1500 staff. I wonder if it will be as cool as Nintendo of America’s new headquarters, which has stuff like a Mario Kart-themed car park and a huge conference room called the "Master Sword". One can only imagine.

Construction of the facility will get underway in January 2012 and is expected to see completion by December 2013.

Source: Andriasang