Available to download from our eShop potentially never

The Japanese eShop is a very different place to our meager offerings of iOS ports of legacy titles. They have this kind of insanity. Roughly translated as “Make a Creature: Create Toy,” this (game?) tasks you with constructing weird animals out of 500 prefabricated parts, which you can scale, colour and rotate around as you wish. But get this. The animals are called “Kunyapes” and they’re from SPACE. But that’s not all you can create! Also background objects, like trees! Which begs the question... what are these premade parts that can be used to design both animals and trees?!

Once you’ve assembled these TREE-HIPPOS you can play with them in a bunch of mini games, take them out on something mysteriously called a “Walking Quest,” as well as trade them with your friends via QR codes and Spotpass. Much like Miis! But if Miis were CRAZY. Then you can take these creatures, these things, you’ve received and build on top of those! For double madness!

If the website is to be understood correctly, you can then REND SPACE AND TIME and bring these monstrosities into the world using AR cards.

I’ll let that sink in. The game comes out on the 7th in Japan for only 7 dollars, so get on that if you have an import console. In the mean time there’s frightfully delightful video of the whole thing on Nintendo of Japan’s website. You won’t be able to understand it, but yet, you’ll understand all too much.

Thanks to Adriasang for managing to translate this madness.