How to transfer, what cant be transferred and more

Along with the eShop and the web browser there is one more feature coming to the Nintendo 3DS on June 7th. That of course is the DSi to 3DS Software Transfer. This feature will not only transfer over your DSiWare games to your 3DS but also you photos and audio from the DSi, your Wi-Fi setup including your Wi-Fi connection ID.

Youll have to have the latest software on your DSi to do the transfer and youll need to download the DSi Shopping Channel’s transfer application. You can also transfer some or all of your items to the 3DS. Have multiple DSis? No matter you can bring all your games together on the one 3DS. But be warned, once youve moved it over - you cant take it back!

Once everything is transferred over youll lose the games and the save data on the DSi, save data is also not transferred to the 3DS. DSi Points are not transferred over so spend up if you have any left.

Nintendo has announced a list of a few games that cannot be transferred over. Dont worry theres nothing serious on the list.

Its expected that this service will go live for the entire would, not just Japan but well let you know if it doesnt.

So whos transferring all their stuff over?