No sleep mode or save states for GBA games, system transfer available

Nintendo of Europe has released more details regarding the emulation of the 10 NES and GBA games make up the Ambassador Program. Most importantly, we can now all rest safely in the knowledge our free games can be transferred over to the inevitable 3DS Lite, although not if you delete your eShop account.

On the NES side of things, the feature set looks to be pretty good, although some of the features won’t be ready in time for the “Priority Delivery” versions we’ll be receiving on September 1. The initial release will only have pass and play multiplayer, a stripped down manual and “VC Suspend” which allows you to save the game whenever you suspend it with the home button. The “Official Version” of these games will feature simultaneous multiplayer, save states and a “full electronic manual”, hopefully in 3D. There’s no word yet on when that update might come.

Mock-up of The Legend of Zelda

The feature set doesn’t look quite as good on the GBA side of things however. While the games will include full manuals from the get go, they suffer from many of the restrictions original DS games have on the 3DS. This means no returning to the Home Menu, no suspend function and Spot or Streetpass during gameplay. Additionally and most worryingly, your 3DS can’t enter sleep mode while you’re playing a GBA game, so you’ll have to watch that battery, especially considering the GBA emulation doesn’t allow for save states like the NES games do. Lastly none of the games feature wireless multiplayer or support their original peripherals.

Remember if you forgot to get your 3DS online before the cutoff date, Nintendo have extended the registration via a mail in scheme.

Source: NintendoLife.