RPG fans, wipe up the drool at the door thanks

This weeks an all-out awesome fest for fans of RPGs, Square Enix and the Super Nintendo. Chrono Trigger has arrived and is available to download right now! Oh theres also a calculator app for DSiWare, too. Neat.

Virtual Console

Chrono Trigger (SNES, 900 Points) - You know how us PAL gamers used to have to pay more back in the good old days? You know, like we did in the 90s? Oh wait, we still do… never mind. Because we never got Chrono Trigger before, its available for 900 Points this week. Alright, its only 100 Points more than usual, Ill be quiet now.


Calculator (200 Points, Cinemax) - You can never have too many calculators; thats what my grandfather used to say. Well, not really, but talking about a calculator on the Nintendo DSi just wouldnt be any fun without… well, it wouldnt really be fun anyway, would it? You can type "BOOBIES" upside down on this one too, so thats a bonus.