3DS and Wii owners have reasons to celebrate this week, or at least have fun

A simple update this week, just the one for the 3DS and one for WiiWare. DSiWare takes a rest and the barren Wii Virtual Console field goes unwatered FOR another week. The plants are ALL dying, Nintendo!

3DS Virtual Console

Gargoyles Quest (Game Boy, Capcom, $4.50) - A spin-off of the Ghouls and Ghost game, this adventure.... well to be honest, I have no idea how good or bad it is. Its one of those Game Boy games Ive never played. So readers, should I pick it up?


Aya and the Cubes of Light (Object Vision, 1000 Points) - This one was classified all the way back in 2010, its been a while coming! That extra time has allowed the developers to fine tune this gravity based puzzler. The jury is still out this one though.

This time next week folks, thats when Ambassadors get their free games! Well have a MEGA update for you then.