White puff ball this week as the Kirby original hits the Virtual Console

Its a tiny update this week, it sucks and it blows - but it is in no way bad because Kirby is here!

3DS Virtual Console

Kirbys Dream Land (Game Boy - $6.00) - Kirbys first outing ever is here now on your 3DS, take it back to the original and see where Kirby came from. All those tunes you remember? Theyre here in with the "Dot Matrix with Stereo". Anyone have some awesome Kirby memories?


A Fairy Tale (Lemon Team - 200 Points) - Yes its another puzzler on DSiWare, yes its been on another platform before. No, its not that new of a concept. But what Fairy Tale lacks in the previously mentioned, it makes up for being a fun game - its also quite relaxing. 200 points, thats also very relaxing.

Also last weeks update of Delbo to DSiWare finally hits the eShop. Dont forget Excitebite!