Its a retro themed week this week, Wii owners sent to the dark ages

This week is decidedly "retro" themed. Both TWO games this week are from years gone by and are remakes of even older games. We of course lament the missing of any sort of content this week for Wii owners with Virtual Console and WiiWare receiving no new content this week. DSi owners, you too miss out.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery (Game Boy, $4.50) - Some of my favourite Game Boy gaming back in the day, this compilation features four classic Game and Watch games, Manhole, Fire, Octopus, and Oil Panic. There are classic and modern modes for each game and also two levels of difficulty.

3DS eShop
3D Classics: Xevious (Nintendo, $9.00) - The second display of 3D Classics is here and its actually used to good effect for this arcade shooter classic. Its a heavy $9.00 though, so the choice is up to you if you want to "shoot" into this one.

- New episode of the Magic Trick Show
- New episode of Oscars Oasis

Both videos are available for free on the Nintendo Video Channel. Thats available from the eShop.