New games, Classic Tetris and Messaging comes to the Nintendo 3DS

The second last update of the year is one heck of doozy. Youve got a brand new eShop original game, Nintendo brings its messaging app to the platform, classic Tetris is back on the Virtual Console, theres even some DSiWare for DSi owners and a new WiiWare demo. Lets get into it.

Nintendo 3DS Download Software

Nintendo Letter Box (Nintendo - Free) Put your pitchforks down! You can now message your friends on the Nintendo 3DS! In typical Nintendo fashion as well theyve made it a bit fun. You can not only send 3D messages but also attached images and sounds as well, its all quite good and sends messages over Spot and StreetPass. Its not built into the OS though so that means you cant read the messages without quitting your game, which is a shame. But hey, its a start.

Mighty Switch Force (WayForward - $9.00) WayForwards track record with Nintendo download platforms and even at retail has been excellent from day dot. You wanted more reasons to play your Nintendo 3DS, heres another and its rather cheap at that.

3DS Virtual Console

Tetris (Nintendo - Game Boy - $6.00) The other big famous thing that makes you have a ton of fun to come out of Russia. I need not say anymore.


Castle Conqueror – Heroes (CIRCLE - 500 Points) Circle Entertainment are back with another entry in their real time strategy series. The DS has had perhaps the best potential for RTS games and its never been realised until now, international reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

WiiWare Demo

MotoHeroz (Full game is 1500 Points)