Samus joins the Virtual Console ranks this week on the 3DS

While Europe gets the full four games, Aussies are left with just two. But its not that bad, we do care the one that really matters and probably the only one youre really interested in.

3DS Virtual Console

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy, Nintendo, $6.00) - Well alright, its not the Metroid you probably want on the Nintendo 3DS but at least its a start. Metroid II isnt the best Metroid game out there, but in 1991 it still rocked a few peoples socks.


Big Town Shoot Out (PDP, 500 Points) - Honestly its probably not very good, reviews havent been kind in the US but at least we can give PDP props for releasing a game on the Australian WiiWare. Its something.

So are you too busy with certain other Nintendo games released this week…or will you be picking up anything from above?