3DS owners are in for a treat this week - Wii owners, yeah youre used to it by now

This weeks Nintendo Download Update for Aussies means that Wii owners, youre left in the dark. Theres not even a demo of a two-year-old game for you to get worked up over. No, this week is purely for 3DS owners and even DSi owners get something.

3DS Virtual Console

Qix (Nintendo, $4.50) - You remember that game where you draw boxes to eventually fill up the play area? Yep, thats this one and youve probably played it before. Thats not to say its bad, its quite fun, if a bit simple.

Fortified Zone (Jaleco, $4.50) - One of the first Virtual Console games the Western world has gotten before Japan, and well take it! Last week it was fighting and brawling, this week its running and gunning. This one looks like its missing from the AU shop, so you might have to change your shops region in order to snap it up.


Dragons Lair (Digital Leisure, 800pts/$12.00) - Jump back into the shoes of Dirk the Daring. Its an impressive feat to have a game such as this squeezed into the constraints of the DSiWare service. The game is a bit simple though, but if youre a fan youll love it.

Remember, today is your last day to pick up 3D Classics Excitebike for free. Get on ya bike!