Lets get this show back on the road - the eShop is here

The eShop is finally here, we’ve been enjoying it for just over a week now and it’s pretty damn good outside certain trailers lacking in the Aussie Store. But what we’re not lacking is games and today Nintendo has added another sprinkling to the eShop. It’s not a big update but it certainly is a good one.

Nintendo eShop (3DS only)

Donkey Kong (Gameboy, $6.00) - Better known to fans as Donkey Kong ’94, this Gameboy version of the the classic NES and Arcade game takes the original Donkey Kong concept and runs with it, and then runs some more. Instead of just the same 4 levels over and over, this game contains 101 levels for you to chase Donkey Kong over. For $6.00, this one has so much more content then some of the other Gameboy games that have hit so far.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (Gameboy Color, $9.00) - Yes yes, this one hit last week but we thought we would include it in here so it gets an ’official’ article all of its own. If you’re reading our site you probably already know why you should own this title, heck you probably do. $9 may seem steep but you’re getting one of the best Zelda games ever, no kidding.

Remember to pick up your copy of 3D Classics ExciteBike, which is free until July 7th.

DSiWare and WiiWare

Airport Mana: First Flight (200 Points on DSi, 500 Points on WiiWare) - Same game here on both systems, essentially just depends on how you want to play it. It’s a simple time management game on either system but it does it in the most cute and charming way possible. Chocked full of content for the cheap price - one to look at for a quick burst of fun.

Please note: These games updates are on the Australian eShop, DSiWare and WiiWare stores. Our content may differ to Europe and will certainly differ to America.