Nintendo drops a ton of games this week, yeah we didnt believe it either

For months weve had just one or two updates to the Nintendo online stores and then bam, in one week Nintendo drops a ton on us and on Mario Kart 7 week too! Outrageous!

3DS Original Software

Zen Pinball 3D (Zen Studios; $7.50) - Finally, another game to fill up the very empty original 3DS software page on the eShop. What other genre of game too than pinball which was just made for the 3DS I think. Zen Pinball 3D not only comes with a a few tables, online leaderboards and friend challenges but it will eventually be one of the first games with DLC on the eShop.

3DS Virtual Console

Lock n Chase (Game Boy; $4.50) - A classic arcade puzzler comes to the Game Boy from the early eighties. Chances are it probably isnt that good, but since Ive never played it youll have to find out for yourself. Youre on your own!


Castle Conqueror - Revolution (CIRCLE Entertainment; 500 Points) - Ive been writing these DSiWare updates for years now and for the life of me I cannot remember this series of games. Ive probably written about them before, but I just cant recall it. The US media seems to love it though so its probably at least a half-decent game. I recommend you look into it more; I will too.


Gnomz (QubicGames; 500 Points) - WiiWare gets some love this week too with a brawl thats kind of like Brawl, kind of like that Super Mario War game, and then for good measure has gnomes thrown into it along with an interesting art style. Oh and dont worry about that "Z" on the end, there are no Dogz here.

Well then folks, surely there must be something here that tickles your fancy?