Its all about the Nintendo 3DS this week, nothing for nobody else - but its all good!

The 3DS is getting some crazy love this week with a new Virtual Console title and also a brand new original 3D title. There are four other games in Europe that we’re missing out on but I’m glad to say at least we’re getting the two that matter out of all of the titles put up for release.

Nintendo 3DS Original Software

Pullblox (Nintendo, $9.00) - From the creators of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars comes Intelligent Systems’ first outing on the Nintendo 3DS. This pushing and pulling puzzler will see you using the 3D effect for puzzles, and it’s not just there to look pretty. Apart from the puzzles in the game you’ll be able create, share and download others’ puzzles. How cool is that?

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy Color, Sunsoft, $7.50) - Finally! Another Game Boy Color game to join Link’s Awakening on the system. It’s probably not as good as the first game either but this game is a great distraction and worth looking into.

So did everyone get their fresh firmware update? Let’s just hope that with that out of the way now, the GBA Ambassador games are not too far behind.