Its time for an Urban Champion to stand up and roll over like a good little boy.. or something like that

Nintendo at least got one thing right this weekend, there’s something for each system this week, despite that the 3DS offering is a just a little, well actually, very suspect. Be warned.

3DS eShop

3D Classics: Urban Champion (Nintendo, $7.50) - Another 3D Classic makes it to the 3DS, but we have a question. Just what does Classic mean to Nintendo? Urban Champion is old, but it’s not a classic by any means. It’s just plain rubbish. Read our full review.


Flight Control (Firemint 500 Points) - Aussie developers Firemint bring their much loved and highly selling title Flight Control to the Wii. With new controls for the Wii Remote the Wii versions offers another spin on the game that helped the team become the rich and famous rock stars they are now. Well that’s how I imagine it is over there.


Moto eXtreme (Chillingo, 800 Points) - All the fun and pizazz of dirt bike riding and platforming all in the one title. Started off life as a flash game I believe, it’s good but not great here on the DSi.