Nintendos halloween themed this weeks update, if only anyone outside America cared about that

This weeks Nintendos updates (according to them) are Halloween themed, you know that tradition that outside of America that only little kids care about until they go out trick or treating one year only to be told to get lost by everyone else who has grown up.

Anyway, heres the updates for you all. Apologies if any of these dont come out on Friday, Im writing this on Monday to escape the Queen who is arriving on Friday over here.

Burger Time (Game Boy - $4.50) - Alright, well maybe this isnt one that falls under the Halloween theme, but the idea of but the idea of giant Hot Dogs, Burgers and Eggs chasing you down. Thats pretty scary.

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix (Wii - 500 Points - Natsume) - I hate to pin this game as Just Dance with a scary theme, because well it isnt but youre probably going to draw that conclusion anyway. However, for 500 Points do get a quaint little dancing game with a cool but scary art style.

We miss out on one game called Halloween: Trick or Treat, well its not classified and that usually means its not coming out in Australia.

This news update is going up early, the actual update however will still be going up Thursday night Australian time.