Sport theme this week, if you own a 3DS that is - otherwise no soup for you

Another week of updates and yet another week of nothing for Australian Wii owners. No Virtual Console and no WiiWare titles - none. Well at least Nintendo is making these things easier to write for me, I only have to tell you about two things this week. How about that!

3DS eShop

Lets Golf 3D (Gameloft, $9.00) - Whats this? An original game on the eShop thats not a 30-year-old Game Boy game? You better believe it. The DSiWare version which came out a while back was pretty good and since Gameloft are pretty much just copying Everyones Golf, it cant be that bad.

3DS Virtual Console

Baseball (Nintendo, Game Boy, $4.50) - We went and did something quite crazy this week, we did a review of the game. So you can get 400 words of me explaining this one very soon. Hint: its not that good anymore.


Nothing, unless you switch your console to the European store, then you can get Successfully Learning German: Year 5 on the Wii, DSi Shop and eShop. GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars and Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs are also on the DSi Shop and eShop. Remember, changing your region on the Wii will mean you lose your Points, but on the eShop it wont.