Another Wii free week, if only life were that easy.

Nintendos neglect of the Wii continues, I still say were going to see a rush of Wii games on the week Zelda comes out, you know just because Nintendo like to do crazy things like that. Anywho theres some good stuff for the 3DS anyway.

3DS eShop Originals

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! (Nintendo - $9.00) Quietly revealed at E3 this year as Picture Lives! this eShop original allows you to create an entirely and most likely bizarre and crazy character to bring to life. Its then up to you to play out its life.

3DS Virtual Console

Side Pocket (Game Boy, $4.50) - You like playing Pool right (as in Billiards)? Well then dont get this one as its a terrible iteration of the game and well, its showing its age.

Anything for you fine people this week?