One for the eShop, one for WiiWare - remember that thing? Its worth remembering this week for sure

Nintendo has been super generous this week, weve got two games this week. Thats a 100% improvement over the 0 games we got last week. Terrific! So what are they then?

3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man: Dr Wilys Revenge (Game Boy, Capcom, $4.50) - It was the first Mega Man game on the Game Boy but its kind of weird you see. It contains elelemts from Mega Man 1 and 2 but is a new game, see weird huh? Trust good old Capcom to do that!

MotoHeroz (RedLynx Ltd, 1500 Points) - Look up in the sky, its a racer! No its a platformer, no its a puzzle game! No its all three! MotoHeroz is a bizarre little game, its been a long time coming too with the game classified months ago, because of that no ones really played it yet. Early impressions have been positive though it is from the creators of Trails HD on the the Xbox Live Arcade though. Even at 1500 thats enough for me to go out and buy the thing right there and then.

So are you picking up any of the above games this week?