Zombies invade your DSi this week, and Wallys still missing

A small update this week, but nothing really to complain about. Its also a good hit rate this week, three out of four titles.


Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap, 800 Points) - A cut-down version of the DS retail release of the same game. Its missing a few things but its still the same Plants vs. Zombies you all know and love.

Ikibago (Neko Entertainment, 500 Points) - Another puzzler for the DSi, but like puzzlers of late on DSiWare, this doesnt look too bad. This one combines pirates and barrels in an orgy of laughs. Alright, perhaps that was too strong.


Wheres Wally? Fantastic Journey 3 (Ludia, 500 Points) - Youd think after all these years they would have found the bastard. But no, Wally is still hiding all around the universe.

Anything for you this week?